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Just a few Words directly from our customers!

E-mail from Jim Ruppe
Mouse & Boudreaux,
I can't thank you enough for the GREAT time that we had fishing with you. If we hadn't caught a fish, I would still have had the time of my life. And as you say on your web page, the memories are priceless! The look on my 87 year old father's face as he reeled in his 20 pounder (with the help of both of you) is priceless. The two of you are quite a pair; I would say a match made in heaven. This was my first guided trip, but not my last. I am looking forward to doing this again, now that I have found "MY GUIDE." If the Lord is willing we will be back in the Spring for two days of fishing and laughter. I will not bring my boat back now that I have met the two of you. Thanks again for the way that you treated my father.
Your friend for life,
Jim Ruppe     

E-mail from Bobbie Aylesworth

Just wanted to say Thank You for an awesome trip. We all had a blast and can't wait to return in oct. I was hoping to find a spot on your website for comments but I did see your email. The pictures and comments that went with them were awesome.

Thank you again!!!!

 E-mail from Dick Mursch

Hi Mouse and Boudreaux-I was thinking of my two favorite fising guides while preparing my third batch of your stew  and my extended family all  really love it . You two make our trip a very special visit each March.  I just hope we can come again this year and want you to know that fishing with both of you was extra special. Looking forward to  it.    Dick Mursc

 E-mail from Jeff Bishop 

Ive been fishing my whole life. And catfishing is just my thing! With that being said, I had to write and give props to Mouse and Boudreux for their “FAMILY” business. About 7 years ago was my first guided trip EVER and I called several guides before reaching Mouse. I knew right then that this my guide. And Ive never had any regrets. I received a call , while on the water with mouse, that my nephew had been paralyzed playing football and I needed to get home ASAP. Within minutes , the rods were up and we were headed back in. Mouse was as concerned for his health as I was, it seemed! Ive been with her and Boudreux , together and alone, yearly every since. And plan on going until the big “CAT’ in the sky calls me up! We’ve had days better than others, but NEVER a bad one. These 2 work as hard as if it were there cooler being filled. And when there IS down time, we always have FUN!      NO EGOS! This letter is to thank 2 great hearted people doing one hell of a job! At fishing, and at showing how a married couple lasts forever. You’re an inspiration.  THANKS GUYS!  See ya soon. Sorry it took so long to post. 7 years! 


Thanks Jeff

E-mail recieved from Greg Meadows 

Dear Captain Mouse,
 I booked a catfishing trip with your guide service for myself, brother and brother-in-law. I did not know who would be our fishing guide until we arrived that morning at Millcreek Marina. This was my third guided catfishing trip at Santee and without a doubt the most enjoyable trip yet! Sure I've caught more fish but, as you are aware that wasn't a top priority on my list. We came for a good time of fellowship, relaxation and the potential of catching the "big" one. You provided our party an opportunity to do all of those and more. You worked extremely hard to keep us in the fish and for the opportunity to catch the "big" one. Maybe if just half of the catfish we seen coming to the top of the water that gorgeous Saturday on Lake Marion would have taken our bait we might would have a few more fish in our picture. I just want to thank you again and compliment you on your hard work and the first class guide service you operate. Please feel free to post this e-mail so your potential customers can see that you don't always have to catch the "big" one in order to have a successful fishing trip. I look forward to my return trip with you in September.
Greg Meadows


E-Mail from Greg Meadows

Captains Boudreaux and Mouse,
Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication today during probably not the best weather conditions there ever was on a fishing adventure. I'm so glad I chose Cajun Guide Services as my choice to fish with over a year ago and to finally make it back for a return trip. To have both of you on the boat today was a real treat! Jay and I had a great time and will be looking forward to our next adventure and fishing trip with you services. Please tell Captain Boudreaux I'll work on my reeling without pausing before I come! Best of luck to the two of you and will be seeing you again before the year is over!
Greg Meadows

Craig Kroll wrote Great Husband and wife team! Knew what they were doing, and know how to find the fish. Been fishing for 40 plus years, ready to go with them again!"

   Gray Hancock said "What a wonderful time spent with Mouse! My kids had an amazing time and Mouse was so professional and fun to be fishing with.  Already planning our next trip! "

Quote from  Jerry Willis

"Of all the guide services we have used, this is the best, a husband/wife team that knows where the fish are and how to catch them. The fish cleaning/parking service was A-PLUS. Clean, neat, no offensive smell.  These are truly professional guides.  I would recommend to anyone."

E-mail recieved from  Bill Gilman

Boudreaux & Mouse:
Thanks so much for a truly exciting & memorable day on Lake Moultrie.  You are everything your website says & much more.  Your equipment is first class, you are sincerely interested in your customers catching fish, and your cleaning facilities resemble an OR in cleanliness.
This was my first time using a guide for catfish.  In this case, "Saving the best for last", does not apply.  You guys are "THE MAN"!
Kathy & I look forward to fishing with you for 2 days.  Thanks for the memories.
Bill & Kathy Gilman